Beth’s answers:

Hi Doug, here are my answers 🙂

1. What was the MOST important criteria when choosing your Automatic Driving Instructor / School?

An independent company with a few instructors as the service is generally more friendly and tailored to how each individual learns.

2. What OTHER factors were important to you when choosing your Driving Instructor / School?

A friendly instructor who can understand how I learn and work with me to reach set goals.

3. How did learning to drive compare to what you expected?

Learning in an automatic was much quicker and easier compared to manual. It gave me much more opportunity to focus on driving rather than focussing on mastering the clutch and gears.

4. How did you find your instructors teaching methods?

Very clear and easy to understand.

5. Would you recommend us to others and if so, WHY?

Yes, because my instructor was friendly and taught me well.

6. Could you please write a short quote that sums up your experience of learning and passing with your instructor?

Learning with Doug was easy and he made me feel relaxed, and I passed much quicker than expected.

  • Doug Collins

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