Amy’s answers:

1. What was the MOST important criteria when choosing your Automatic Driving Instructor / School?
The most important criteria for me when choosing my driving school in was to choose a local school that offered best value for money.

2. What OTHER factors were important to you when choosing your Driving Instructor / School?
To choose a driving school locally that would be able to work around me and my working day. Doug has always been very good at accommodating my lessons, even if it has been really late in the day.
I also wanted to find a driving instructor who would be able to teach me despite my lack of confidence.

3. How did learning to drive compare to what you expected?
I expected to find it a lot more difficult to grasp than it was. I remember being very nervous in my first lesson but have been put at ease from day 1.

4. How did you find your instructors teaching methods?
Doug has been a very good and patient teacher. It took me a long time to really commit certain aspects of driving to memory and when I did struggle, my instructor Doug would explain it in various ways to ensure I understood what I needed to do. When I struggled with the manoeuvres, he sent me additional information and tools via email to help me understand better.

5. Would you recommend us to others and if so, WHY?
I would definitely recommend QA motoring, my instructor Doug was patient with me and although I was nervous about my practical driving test (as I suspect everyone is) when I went out with the examiner, I felt confident that I could drive safely.

6. What could we have done better to improve our customer service or enhance your learning experience with us?
Nothing, I’m very happy with my learning experience and very happy to have passed 1st time with only 3 minors!

Thanks Doug 🙂

  • Doug Collins

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