Steven’s answers:

1. What was the MOST important criteria when choosing your Automatic Driving Instructor / School?

The quality of instruction I would receive and the reputation of the school.

2. What OTHER factors were important to you when choosing your Driving Instructor / School?

How well I would be able to get on with my instructor and when I could have my lessons.

3. How did learning to drive compare to what you expected?

Learning to drive was a lot more technical and required much more finesse then I was expecting

4. How did you find your instructors teaching methods?

My instructors methods were very simple to follow and easy to understand.

5. Would you recommend us to others and if so, WHY?

I would definitely recommend this school to other due to the amazing quality of teaching I personally received.

6. What could we have done better to improve our customer service or enhance your learning experience with us?

Nothing comes to mind about improving customer service.

  • Doug Collins

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