Reasons to take an automatic 5 day intensive driving course with us:

  • - Why take months or even years to prepare for your driving test when you can do it all in one week?

  • - With us you will start on Monday morning and be able to take your test on Friday afternoon

  • - Open to all levels, including beginners

  • - Each day starts at 10am and is fully dedicated to you by one of our highly experienced instructors. We usually finish by 4pm each day at a location of your choice

  • - From the start of day one the lessons will move at your pace

  • - There are no travel or accommodation expenses because you choose the pick up and drop off locations

  • - By the end of the week you will know all you need to pass the practical test, which you will take on the Friday afternoon

  • - We will arrange your practical test booking for you (However, you must have passed the theory test within the past two years)

  • - People save a significant amount of time & money gaining their licence using our intensive course

  • About Us & Our 5 Day Intensive Driving Course

    We are a driving school based in Brighton and provide an automatic 5-day intensive driving course in Brighton and all of the surrounding areas.

    Statistically, the average amount of driving lessons it takes a learner to pass the driving test in the UK is 45 hours. That usually means months of weekly lessons that can cost £1000's in total. But there is an alternative.

    We offer you the opportunity to become test-ready within a week of starting with our bespoke, automatic intensive driving course which is available in Brighton and the surrounding areas. We only offer automatic intensive lessons because firstly the world is going that way and soon all cars will be automatic & secondly learning to drive in an automatic car is a lot less stressful & quicker than learning in a manual car. Manual cars will be a thing of the past in the near future.

    Automatic is the future so why waste time and effort learning how to use a gear stick and clutch? Soon all cars will be automatic!

    Our automatic intensive driving course programme is designed to enable even the most nervous drivers to be ready to take their test at the end of the week. When you book the course you have the option to choose whether to have a test booked for Friday afternoon. If you want to get the process over quickly we recommend that you opt to have a test booked at the end of the week. We will arrange the booking for you. If you feel this will be too much pressure then opt for no test. You will be test ready at the end of the week, however, you will then have the option to book a driving test at a time that suits you without the pressure of taking it on Friday afternoon. These courses are widely known as a great alternative to the standard practice of weekly lessons.

    In the UK learners taking weekly lessons usually take months and sometimes even years to result in a successful test. On top of that, there is a large percentage of learners nationwide that start to learn and then for various reasons stop the process, meaning all the effort and money they had spent goes to waste. Condensing the hours you need into one week with Brighton Automatic Driving School does not mean that you learn any less, just that you will get the result you want in a much quicker and straightforward way. With our automatic intensive driving course, you will save significant time, money and a lot of stress.

    If you are unsure if this is the correct course for you please contact us to arrange an assessment lesson for just £20.

    Chloe Yiu
    Chloe Yiu
    Doug has great attention to details, he helped me massively by fixing my minor mistakes and bad habits. I improved very quickly and passed right away with Doug on the intensive driving course. I failed my test a few times with another instructor before and almost lost my confidence in driving. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to pass quickly.
    Colleen Cohen
    Colleen Cohen
    I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to you Doug! You are the best driving instructor I have ever had. No words can express my gratitude. You helped me to accomplish one of my goals. THANK YOU!
    Andrzej Tayko
    Andrzej Tayko
    Thanks for all your help Doug I came to driving later on in life and did struggle a little at first, your patience and professional teaching methods allowed me...         to learn to drive and pass my test I will be recommending you to all my friends and family and any learner driver who is placed with you is very lucky, you are such a great driving instructor and can not thank you enough for all your help
    Clauvys Mouvogny
    Clauvys Mouvogny
    I am writing regarding the professional experience I had with my instructor. The week has been a blast, I felt very safe and he gave me the confidence I needed...                         in order for me to pass my Test.
    Louisa Mears
    Louisa Mears
    Doug has a fantastic teaching style, he was very patient and supportive which made me feel relaxed. I thoroughly enjoyed the intensive driving course that Brighton Automatic Driving School offer. Would highly recommend!


    OCTOBER 2020
    Mon 19th Oct to Fri 23rd£1449 (With Friday Test + £50)Available Now - CONTACT US HERE
    NOVEMBER 2020
    Mon 16th Nov to Fri 20th£1449 (With Friday Test + £50)Available Now - CONTACT US HERE
    Mon 23rd Nov to Fri 27th£1449 (With Friday Test + £50)Available Now - CONTACT US HERE
    Mon 30th Nov to Fri 4th£1449 (With Friday Test + £50)Available Now - CONTACT US HERE
    DECEMBER 2020
    Mon 7th Nov to Fri 11th£1449 (With Friday Test + £50)Available Now - CONTACT US HERE
    Mon 14th Nov to Fri 18th£1449 (With Friday Test + £50)Available Now - CONTACT US HERE

    ``Doug has a fantastic teaching style, he was very patient and supportive which made me feel relaxed. My confidence built with each day and I thoroughly enjoyed the intensive course week. I would highly recommend their intensive course!``

    Louisa Mears - First Time Pass


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