Become A Driving Instructor

      Are you bored with your job?

      Do you need a better work / life balance?

      Did you ever dream of making a real difference to someones life?

      Automatic Intensive Driving Course Brighton

      Then working as a local driving instructor could be the career for you

      The benefits of working as a Driving Instructor:

      Demand for your services:

       If you have ever though about becoming a driving instructor then now is the perfect time. Over the past few years the demand for driving instructors has steadily increased while the amount of available registered driving instructors has actually decreased. This year there will be an estimated 700,000 learner drivers looking for a driving instructor. On top of this the knock on effect of the lockdown makes it very likely there will be even bigger demand than usual in the coming months and years. So there is plenty of work for you.

      Work/life balance: 

      One of the biggest attractions to working as a driving instructor is that you are your own boss when it comes to deciding how much you want to work and when. If you have a school run each day or an evening class each week then simply schedule your diary around your other commitments. You literally choose the days & hours that you work and you can work as much or as little as you like.

      Gain respect in your community:

      Approved Driving Instructors are registered professional people who play an important role in our society. Teaching the next generation of drivers to be safety focused and confident on the road is something everyone benefits from.

      A sense of achievement: 

      Does your current job give you any sense of achievement? One huge benefit of working as a driving instructor is that you get to see how much your hard work means to your customers. When your customers pass their driving tests not only are they elated, so are you. Every pass is a joint effort and their happiness also gives you a real sense of achievement.

      How to qualify:

      Before you can start you must:

      Be over 21 years old.

      Have held a reasonably clean car driving licence for at least 3 years.

      Not have been convicted of a serious crime.

      The full registration guide can be found here.

      Once you have been accepted by the DVSA and have registered as a Potential Driving Instructor (PDI) you can start your training. You will have to pass 3 exams known as Parts 1, 2 & 3 to become registered as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

      Part 1 is an advanced Theory Test

      Part 2 is an advanced Driving Test

      Part 3 is a test of your Instructional Ability

      The tests must be passed in numerical order from 1 to 3. You only get three attempts at passing Parts 2 & 3 (you can take Part 1 as many times as you need). If you fail three times on Part 2 or 3 you will have to wait 2 years before starting the whole process again.

      Why choose us?

      We have been providing training for PDI’s for several years and have an exceptional track record of preparing people for their ADI exams. We will provide full training from start to finish, or rescue training if you have already started the process and are struggling to understand it, and you will have the same trainer throughout, which is something not found with all training providers, especially the national companies.

      Some common complaints we hear about national training providers are that there can be huge gaps between training sessions and trainees have to travel long distances to meet their trainers.

      If you are considering using a national training provider please do some research and find some honest reviews first. To a national provider you are really just a number, you will likely have to travel to meet your trainer, there could be more than one other trainee in the car with you, you might not be able to choose when you have your training sessions and you could find there are big gaps between those sessions.

      At Brighton Automatic Driving School all our trainers are local and will come to you. The training schedule is also worked around you. If you want to work really hard and qualify quickly we can do more regular sessions to help with that goal. Or if you would like to take a little longer and spread the sessions out a bit then that is fine too.

      We understand that everyone is different. People learn in different ways and at different speeds and that is fine. If you train with us then you as an individual are always at the centre of the process. Our job is to go at a pace you are comfortable with to help prepare you in the most effective way.


      There are three options for the price of the course and instructor training.

      Option A:

      £2750 paid in advance gives you the whole course, all course materials (including the lesson plans you will need to be an instructor), unlimited in car sessions and use of a car for your tests (if needed). Exam fees & PDI/ADI licence fees are extra.

      Option B:

      £1500 paid in advance. Each session is then £40 per hour (minimum 2 hour sessions). Training material, lesson plans, exam fees and PDI/ADI licence fees are extra.

      Options C:

      If you have had instructor training already and need help passing Part 2 or Part 3 then we offer rescue training charged at an hourly rate of £45 per hour.

      If you have any questions about the payment options or what is best for you then please get in touch. We are happy to discuss the course and career with you without any obligation.

      For a dedicated trainee we are happy to make arrangements to help you spread the cost of the training.

      Time scales:

      This largely depends on how much effort you put into the training. There is a lot to learn and studying between sessions is essential for your progress. If you are dedicated to the process you can get through and qualify in a few weeks (depending on DVSA test availability). However some trainees prefer to take a little longer in order to make the course more manageable so it can take a few months to finally pass part 3.

      Franchise with us:

      Once you have passed you will be offered the chance to take out a franchise with us (unlike most national providers, you are not automatically tied to a franchise with us). By this point you will know us well so we hope that you would agree to join us. However, you will be free to choose where you go next.

      We have built a very successful business by ensuring great customer service so we would want you to continue that service. We are very well known and busy so you will have as much work as you need. But we will never pressure you to do more lessons than you are comfortable with and you always arrange your lesson times with your learner. We do not tie you into long franchise contracts either, which is something most national driving schools do.

      If you are interested and would like to talk to us about the possibility of starting the training process, or if you would like any further information, please get in touch.

      We are a friendly company and we are always happy to help and give advise.

      Please call us on: 01273 978 369

      If you are interested in making a difference