Booking or changing your driving test

The Government has announced that driving tests for cars will commence in England on July 22nd

The main changes to the test procedure are:

Waiting rooms will remain closed

Instructors or accompanying drivers will not be allowed to sit in on the test

Tests will end early if the candidate commits a serious fault

Full details can be found here

Change your test @ .gov

If you have a driving test booking already made and would like to change it to an earlier date & time you can do so for free on the government website here

Test search services

If you don’t have time to regularly keep checking the .gov website you can use a test changing service which continuously searches for earlier test availability and cancellations on your behalf

The cheapest & easiest one we have found is here


Why choose to learn in an automatic car?

  • We provide automatic driving lessons in Brighton, Hove and the surrounding areas.

  • Driving an automatic car is much less stressful than manual. Let the car worry about what gear to be in and allow yourself to concentrate on your speed, road position and what is up ahead.

  • There's no rolling backwards on hills. A huge concern for the majority of manual learners is that they will roll backwards when trying to move away and either panic & stall or roll back into the car behind them. The dreaded 'Hill Start' is no longer an issue in an automatic car because the car will not allow you to roll backwards, even on the steepest hills.

  • Automatic is the future, manual is the past. The majority of cars across the globe are automatic and automatic cars are now hugely popular in the UK. Choosing automatic over manual is like choosing digital over analog.

  • The price of automatic cars has dropped significantly as their popularity has increased. Also fuel consumption is now better in automatics than manuals in many models and technology is improving all the time so this trend is set to continue. So the old barriers of price and availability are a thing of the past. Getting an automatic car is now as easy as getting a manual in the UK.

  • Learning in a manual car can be a very frustrating and time consuming experience. If you choose to learn in an automatic car you will remove a lot of the most challenging aspects of learning to drive that you would encounter if you chose to learn in a manual car.

  • We specialise in intensive driving courses which are designed to get you from learner to driver quickly.

  • Most importantly automatic cars are the safest choice.

Why choose Brighton Automatic Driving School?

Safety first: At Brighton Automatic Driving School our driving instructors are regularly CRB (Criminal Record Background) checked for your safety.

Highly trained instructors: Our DVSA Approved Driving Instructors (ADI's) are very experienced and have been teaching learners to drive for many years. Our instructors work full time training learner drivers and we do not employ part time or part trained instructors.

Learn in a fantastic car: Learn to drive in a brand new car. We use new cars for your safety and comfort. Small, easy to manoeuvre and a dream to drive you will enjoy your lessons from start to finish.

Training Methods: We understand that everyone is different and that people learn in different ways. Therefore the methods we use to train you are based on current ideas on how different people best take on new information. We take a client centred approach which means you are not forced to do things you are uncomfortable with. We ensure the individual learner is at the centre of each lesson and we do not just deliver the same old lesson plans to everyone. You can be sure you will learn everything you need in order to pass the test and throughout your lessons we will discuss openly with you your thoughts on your own performance. Having these conversations really helps you understand how you are driving, how far you have progressed and what you need to do next in order to improve. This helps you build confidence in your own ability so that you don't feel you have to rely on your instructor all the time. Your instructor will be with you from the first lesson right through to the test and will always support and encourage you on your progression to becoming an independent driver. This makes you a better and more confident driver for life and makes it more likely you will pass the driving test first time.

``I contacted Doug at Brighton Automatic Driving School because I was looking to restart lessons with a new instructor, but this time in an automatic car. I had many bad experiences learning in a manual car and I was even told that I would never be able to drive. This dented my confidence in learning to drive and I literally wanted to give up. I'm so glad I found Doug who rebuilt my confidence driving on the road. I must admit I still drove really badly in the first 6 sessions but as I learned what my fears were I began to improve. No other instructor has discussed my fears (parked cars) and I was able to correct my positioning. Doug had a different approach to my other instructors and that was to help me combat my fear issues. From that day on my driving got better and I was starting to use the word enjoy rather than frightened. Doug's methods are easy to follow and he doesn't put you under pressure. Again I must emphasis that none of my previous instructors were able to teach me to parallel park at ease, Doug was the first to make me realize its actually quite easy. I would highly recommend him to anybody who would like to learn to drive. He is the real deal and I can't thank him enough. 3 months down the line I've now passed my test``

Peter Chan - Another First Time Pass


Current Lessons Rates are as follows:

  • Per 2 Hour Lesson £75* (*we do not offer 1 hour lessons)

  • Pre Booked 10 Hours £350

  • Intensive 1 week course (10am to 4pm daily) with a Friday test £1499* (*subject to availability)

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    Abbie Evans
    Abbie Evans
    "Thanks to Brighton Automatic I passed first time. I recommend them to anyone wanting to pass fast."
    Katie Parke
    Katie Parke
    "Very good tuition, I found my lessons understandable and clear. It was easier than I thought it would be."
    Amy Pettifer
    Amy Pettifer
    "Thank you, I can't believe I passed first time!"
    Steven West
    Steven West
    "I couldn't fault the teaching. My instructor was always calm and friendly."
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      Brighton Automatic Driving School has been delivering automatic driving lessons and intensive driving courses for many years in the Brighton area

      With automatic cars being so popular and economical nowadays why not take the stress out of learning to drive

      You can choose regular weekly lessons and learn at a steady pace or we offer an intensive course which allows you to condense the process & pass in one week

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